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Heavy Duty Handheld Battery and Electrical System TesterThe handheld PortAlyzer™ battery and electrical system tester allows users to rapidly, precisely diagnose bad batteries in a discharged state - without the need to charge them first. By utilizing a patented microload testing technology, the PortAlyzer tester can quickly identify bad batteries either individually or in a pack, with no user interpretation or guesswork. The unit also analyzes vehicle starting and charging systems, and is ideal for a range of automotive/LTV and heavy duty/commercial applications.


Battery Testing

• Tests the following battery pack configurations:
- One battery (6V or 12V)
- Two batteries in series (24V); 2, 3 or 4 batteries
in parallel (12V)
- Two banks in parallel, each having two
batteries in series (24V)
• Pack configuration used in algorithim design
• Step-by-step user instructions allow easy
test completion
• Tester-applied loads used on all pack combinations

Electrical System Testing

• 12V and 24V charging and starting system tests
• 12V and 24V diode tests

User-friendly, Shop-friendly

Large, backlit digital display window is easy to read
in all light conditions and displays up to four lines of data for less scrolling.
Raised, soft-touch keypad is easy to use even with
gloves and is protected by an over-molded enclosure.
15-foot test lead cable enables easy movement and
allows tests to be performed from the cab of the vehicle.

  • Saves time by eliminating the need
    to charge a deeply discharged battery
    before testing
  • Reduces sensitivity to parasitic drain
    or resistance at terminal connections,
    allowing precision in-vehicle testing
  • Ensures compatibility with all battery

Features and Specs

• Patented microload technology allows precision-testing on vehicle battery, starting and charging systems with minimal user interaction
• Tests flooded lead acid (FLA) and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries
• Diagnoses battery packs in series, parallel, or series/parallel
• Scales: CCA, CA, MCA, A-HR, JIS, DIN
• High CCA capacity ranges: 50-4000CCA
• Removable auto sensing 15' leads
• 4 x 20 backlit character display
• PC interface port enables field-upgradeable flash memory to accommodate new battery types, system updates and feature additions

The Microload Difference

PortAlyzer™ tester’s microload technology applies multiple test loads to measure a battery’s internal impedance, capacitive recovery and other signs of impending failure. For electrical system tests, microload technology applies a controlled load automatically, so users don’t have to do so manually.


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