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Odyssey Battery hold downs and mounting brackets

Aluminum hold downs
Hold down box for the PC680 and PC545
Sidemount aluminum boxes for the PC925 and PC1200 series
Also available for the PC370, PC950, and PC1100

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Billet and polished battery hold downs
We carry billet and polished battery hold downs for our
PC680, PC925, PC1200, PC1500, PC1700, and PC2150

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Factory hold down kits
ODYSSEY® Battery Hold Down Kit - Rugged Construction, Sleek Design

Custom made for a range of specialty ODYSSEY batteries, the ODYSSEY Battery Hold Down Kit features a brushed aluminum finish that says you're serious about performance.
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Metal Battery Strap - HDS
Hold down strap for the PC1200 and PC1700.

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Plastic adjustable hold down
Adjustable hold down kit for the PC925 and PC1200 series

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P/N HD102

Welded steel battery hold downs
Battery box and bracket for the PC680, PC925, PC1200, and PC1500.

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Hold down brackets listed by battery model

Battery Chargers

Odyssey Ultimizer Chargers
Custom designed to maximize the performance of your ODYSSEY battery.

Available in 6amp, 12amp, and 25amp sizes.
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ACI Supercharger battery chargers
The most advanced,
fully automatic chargers ever

Available in three different sizes
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Terminals and Terminal Adaptors

SAE Automotive terminals

Brass Terminals
Fits the Odyssey PC545, PC680, PC925, PC1200 and PC1700 series

Universal terminal that can take either top post or side mount cables.
Compatible with standard automotive clamps and are threaded for a 3/8" bolt down the center.

$12.95 plus $5 shipping. Ships free with other items.


PC2150 SAE terminal adaptors
Screws on top of the existing PC2150 stud post

$12.95 plus $5 shipping. Ships free with other items.


Trolling Thunder terminal adaptors

Wingnut marine style stud terminal adaptors
Fits the ODYSSEY PC545, PC680, PC925, PC1200 and PC1700 series


$12.95 plus $5 shipping. Ships free with other items.


Japanese style JIS automotive terminals
Pencil post automotive terminals for Japanese cars
Fits the ODYSSEY PC545, PC680, PC925, PC1200 and PC1700 series

$12.95 plus $5 shipping. Ships free with other items.


More Accessories

Micro Start
Lithium powered jump starter and personal power supply

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PC1500 Series Height Adapter
Optional height adapter may be used on the PC 1500 series for installations where a group 24 or 27 is required.

$10.00 plus shipping - call to order

Battery Disconnect Switch

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Heavy Duty Handheld Battery and Electrical System Tester

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